Friday, December 26, 2008

Highlights from my "Life Project"

The following are a few highlights from an album that I have been putting together called my "life Project." It has taken a tremendous amount of work, and it will be a life-long project. It currently has 2,000+ photos from my life that I have collected from my own archive, and from friends and family of myself. It contains every picture I can find that has real meaning to me. I want to thank my family and friends for taking time to look through old photos, digital photos and for even scanning in photos for this project. I still need a ton from my years under 18, but I have a great start. I urge each and every one of you to start working on your own life projects. You will find that it is well-worth the time and effor. I hope you enjoy mine.


Kason said...

What a great idea! How do you categorize or organize them?

Daisy said...

wow - these are just as impressive to look at a second time around - but my favorite view of them will still be looking at them miles above the ground with sweet music in the background and killer company.

Flora said...

Amazing idea. My favourite is the first one. You are incredibly talented.